Endowed, equipped and experienced, the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa are well known in the field of education as one of its pioneers. We have embarked on a new school at Whitefield for tiny-tots, in continuance of our Foundress’s noble vision and mission. The school is known as Carmel Stars. More information about the Institution can be read under, “About us”.

Young children enter Play group and then proceed to the Nursery, Lower KG and Upper KG and then into regular school. The focus in our school is on a child’s holistic development. Through a well designed play environment, carefully selected materials, games, activities, and varied books and facilitated by professional, caring and enthusiastic teachers, the child’s physical, motor and cognitive development is supported. This play way method also addresses and develops the qualities of sharing, caring, understanding, give and take and moral values. A child who grows up in an atmosphere of freedom will be able to handle any situation in future.

The home environment and the quality of the parents’ interactions with their child,their God- given intelligence and other factors play a vital role in the development of children. Therefore we work in partnership with parents to foster a child’s optimal development. This partnership begins with establishing a rapport with the parents and building a sense of trust between the school, teachers and the parents. We strongly recommend that parents attend the programs specially designed towards this purpose. To a pre-school child, the parent and the teacher are very important. With this understanding, we follow the philosophy that a child learns best in a nurturing environment; this means that the child should feel comfortable and secure within this warm parent teacher partnership.

Carmel Stars’ academic program is centered around the child’s developmental milestones. So writing begins towards the end of the year, when the children themselves begin to show interest and get ready for LKG. Parents who would like the formal process of writing to begin early can be aware that the child is physically and cognitively not ready for it. As they practice and strengthen their muscles and coordination through their interactions, activities and playing, they will systematically be inclined to read and write. Teachers are well trained to handle this age group. They will bring out the best in each child with love, motivation and encouragement. Children will love the thrill of discovering and exploring in their tender years.

Children will love the thrill of discovering and exploring in their tender years.

The Kindergarten classes have a specific syllabus.

The school offers the following programmes:

  • Nursery
  • LKG
  • UKG
  • Day Care
  • Class 1-8